eyePressure Making IOP assessment easy in primary health Revolutionising the detection of high eye pressure Anytime,

What is the eyePressure device?

Easy to use eye pressure assessment

eyePressure is the first single use, disposable device for assessing eye pressure. Recognised with an Australian Good Design Award, it provides a convenient low cost solution for the detection of high eye pressure

For use in primary healthcare

The first of its kind, eyePressure is designed for use in the primary healthcare sector, by:

  • General Practitioners (Medical Doctors)
  • Nurses/Nurse Practitioners
  • Medical ancillary staff
  • Optometrists


The key features of the eyePressure are:

First of its Kind

The first single use device for detecting high eye pressure specifically developed for use by non ophthalmic primary health care practitioners.

Ease of Use

Small and lightweight it provides a clear indication of eye pressure levels.


Comparisons with the Gold Standard of eye pressure measurement show excellent correlation between devices.


Repeated testing of the same eye provides very consistent results.

Single Use - Disposable

Cost effective and hygienic reducing the risk of cross contamination and infection.

Individually Packaged Ready for Use

Provides easy access and storage.

Convenient for Patient Examination

Easy to use whether the patient is sitting or supine, the device can be used at any angle.

Low Cost

Specifically designed to provide a low cost disposable solution for the detection of high eye pressure.




How to use

eyePressure - Solving the Problem


Technical Details


FunctionValue / Type
Dimensions20 mm (W) 15 mm (H) 140mm (L)
Weight30 g
Display unit: Device assesses high eye pressure, the display panel shows:
Green - normal
 Yellow - elevated, needs further investigation
 Red - high, urgent attention required.
ConnectionsThe device does not contain any electronics.
Storage/transportation environment+5 to +30 degrees Celsius
CE markedYes

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